Who We Are

SAFECode is a global industry forum where business leaders and technical experts come together to exchange insights and ideas on creating, improving, and promoting scalable and effective software security programs. We believe that secure software development can only be achieved with an organizational commitment to the execution of a holistic assurance process, and that sharing information on that process and the practices it encompasses is the most effective way for software providers to help customers and other stakeholders manage software security risk.

What We Do

For Commercial Technology Providers

SAFECode is one of the only places where business and technical leaders can safely and directly connect with other professionals tasked with managing highly scalable, global software security programs to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and collaborate on ways to make a positive impact on both their businesses and the security of the greater technology ecosystem. SAFECode also offers a unique NDA-protected collaborative environment for software security managers to connect their team members with their industry peers to collaborate on technical challenges, guide SAFECode’s focus areas, and support their continued professional development.

For Customers and Government Decision-makers

There is no “secret sauce” for creating secure software. It is achieved through the successful execution of a holistic, scalable assurance process that should be transparent to those seeking to evaluate the security of the software they use. SAFECode provides information that helps customers and other stakeholders better understand how that process impacts the security of the software they purchase so that they can better manage supply chain risk.

Software Developers and Application Security Professionals

SAFECode’s membership is composed of some of the technology industry’s most recognized software security experts, as well as numerous security professionals and software engineers who focus on application and supply chain security every day. While these SAFECode members directly benefit from the knowledge-sharing opportunities presented by our unique, NDA-protected collaboration environment, we also strive to support the broader security community. As such, we freely share many of the artifacts of this expert collaboration including lessons they’ve learned, best practices they’ve found effective, and training and education initiatives they’ve used so that we can support the continued professional development of anyone interested in building more secure software.