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SAFECode membership dues are USD $10,000 per year. While membership is open to any organization, the SAFECode Membership Council will review and approve all applications for membership.

How to Join
  1. Review the SAFECode Principles
  2. Review the SAFECode Bylaws and SAFECode Nondisclosure Agreement
  3. Complete the Membership Agreement
  4. Contact our membership team at [email protected]

SAFECode is one of the only places where business and technical leaders can safely and directly connect with other professionals tasked with managing highly scalable, global software security programs to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and collaborate on ways to make a positive impact on both their businesses and the security of the greater technology ecosystem. SAFECode also offers a unique NDA-protected collaborative environment for software security managers to connect their team members with their industry peers to collaborate on technical challenges, guide SAFECode’s focus areas, and support their continued professional development.

But we get it. There are tons of places to network, volunteer and collaborate with the security and technology community.  So why choose SAFECode?

SAFECode Collaboration is Safe and Confidential

All information shared by members in SAFECode activities is protected under a unique NDA agreed to by all participants. Nothing you share with SAFECode members will be shared publicly without your explicit consent. Company participants still need to follow their organization’s confidentiality guidance, but SAFECode offers additional protections that increase the depth of collaboration amongst its members.

We have Professional Cat Wranglers

Ever volunteer with an (dot) org and feel like you spend all your time wrangling cats? We know you don’t want to spend your time setting up meetings, sending out minutes, or planning events. Don’t worry – SAFECode has a professional staff standing by to help you. They work hard to ensure your contribution revolves around your expertise, not your conference call wrangling, note-taking, or proofreading skills.  

Software Security is Hard

Let’s be honest, software security isn’t easy. And even when we figure out what needs to be done, getting it done at scale is an entirely different matter. Your fellow SAFECode members are in the same boat. They represent some of the world’s largest global software companies and they know that just handing you a checklist of good things to do won’t get the job done. They know that even the smallest changes can be hard to make in the largest organizations. SAFECode connects you with the folks who are walking in your shoes and lets you work together to find a way up those hills and around those roadblocks.

You can Save the World (or at Least its Software!)

As SAFECode members, we work to make a positive impact on the security of the greater technology ecosystem by sharing best practices, advocating for a thoughtful approach to global government policies affecting software security, and helping others who may just be starting on the software security journey we’ve been on for many years. We can’t do this without experienced companies stepping up and sharing what they know. Consider getting involved today and leave your mark – large or small – on the mission to improve the security of the software we both create and use.

Strut Your Stuff

Do you have one of the most innovative and smartest software security teams out there? Your SAFECode membership is a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to software security. SAFECode provides opportunities for your team to show thought leadership and share their talents with others. Members can contribute to published papers, blog posts, and social media campaigns. They also speak at industry events on behalf of SAFECode or host brown bag sessions for other SAFECode members on an innovative program they’ve successfully piloted. Whether your team has one or 100 hours to contribute, SAFECode can give you an opportunity to strut your stuff.

Case Studies

106, 2020

Adobe Systems Leverages SAFECode as Its Software Delivery Model Evolves

Over the past decade, Adobe Systems has successfully transformed itself from a desktop publishing and graphics editing software vendor to a hosted cloud solutions provider supporting everything from graphic and web design to digital marketing management. In evolving its software delivery model, it has relied on SAFECode to help guide its efforts and serve as a forum to share information with peers at other companies. Read More

106, 2020

Dell EMC Incorporates SAFECode into its Product Security Practices

Dell EMC Incorporates SAFECode into its Product Security Practices When computer technology behemoth Dell and storage leader EMC merged in September 2016, the $58 billion deal set a record for a tech merger. It also marked a major step forward in Dell Technologies’ strategy to offer customers end-to-end solutions spanning everything from servers to storage to networking to virtualization. Read More

106, 2020

SAFECode helps Intel Product Security

In an industry that has seen companies come and go with each succeeding wave of computing, Intel has managed to maintain its leadership position. Today, its business has become so broad – spanning everything from virtual reality to IoT – that Intel describes itself as a company that “expands the boundaries of technology to make the most amazing experiences possible.” While not known primarily for its software, Intel relies heavily on software development to enable its innovation. Read More

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