By Eric Baize, Chairman of the Board, SAFECode


SAFECode members crowded into Jillian’s directly across from the Moscone Center in San Francisco on February 15, 2017 for SAFECode’s Second Annual RSA Conference Breakfast.  Seventeen SAFECode members were honored with recognition awards for their work at the event on four white papers that are currently being readied to launch publicly over the next 60 days.  These projects include:  Tactical Threat Modeling; Managing Security Risks Inherent in the Use of Third-party Components; Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development Guide, Version 3.0; and SAFECode Buyer’s Guide.

SAFECode Recognition Award Winners:

Tactical Threat Modeling
Brook Schoenfield, Intel
Izar Tarandach, Dell EMC
Nick Ozmore, Veracode
David Miller, Boeing
Souheil Moghnie, Symantec


SAFECode Buyer’s Guide
John Martin, Boeing
Shaun Gilmore, Microsoft
Anne Nielsen, Veracode
Nazira Carlage, Dell EMC


Managing Security Risks Inherent in the Use of Third-party Components
Tania Skinner, Intel
Manuel Ifland, Siemens
Prithvi Bisht, Adobe


Fundamental Practices for Secure Software Development
Tony Rice, Microsoft
Nick Ozmore, Veracode
Danny Dhillon, Dell EMC
Josh Brown-White, Microsoft


And Peter Chestna, Veracode for contributions towards future work in the area of secure DevOps.

Thank you to the award recipients and all of our SAFECode contributors for their work in bringing their experience to the broader cyber security and software development industries.  SAFECode success directly depends on the contribution of its members. We are fortunate to have industry experts passionate about software security and eager to share their knowledge with their peers.  SAFECode looks forward to sharing these publications with the industry.