SAFECode and 21 other leading cybersecurity organizations recently launched Nonprofit Cyber, a first-of-its-kind coalition of global nonprofit organizations that are committed to working together to improve cybersecurity.  Founded on February 23, 2022, Nonprofit Cyber will initially have two main priorities:

  • Building awareness of the work of cybersecurity nonprofits globally
  • Aligning their work to achieve the greatest effect as a “collaboration-of-equals.”

Membership in Nonprofit Cyber includes organizations that are implementing best practices and solutions, rather than organizations that focus on lobbying, policy development, and advocacy.  Like SAFECode, the other 21 coalition members are nonprofits that serve the public interest by developing and sharing awareness of cybersecurity best practices and tools.

According to Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for CIS, and co-chair of Nonprofit Cyber, “Cybersecurity nonprofits create and sustain essential resources that touch every enterprise and every person. And many are natural ‘integration engines,’ bringing together people and ideas across the public and private sectors, technical disciplines, industry sectors, and national borders. Our goal with Nonprofit Cyber is to collaboratively align our individual strengths into a collective force for good, taking positive action for the entire cyber Ecosystem.”

SAFECode is looking forward to working with the other members of Nonprofit Cyber on collaborative programs that will benefit the broader community. We already have experience cooperating with a few of the members and are enthusiastic about the opportunities that this new organization will create. As a global industry forum where technical experts and business leaders come together to exchange insights on creating effective software security programs, SAFECode expects to be an asset to Nonprofit Cyber and is committed to the organization’s mission of serving Internet users globally.

We encourage you to read the launch press release that contains more information about Nonprofit Cyber and a list of the other founding members. We’re looking forward to working with the other members to cooperate in making cybersecurity better.