While all SAFECode member companies play a role in supporting and developing our training program, there was a training development team that went the extra mile to deliver our first two rounds of training courses:

Prithvi Bisht, Adobe

Edward Bonver, Symantec

Michael Fanning, Microsoft

Eugen Huber, Siemens

Josh Kebbel-Wyen, Adobe

Souheil Moghnie, Symantec

Gerhard Muenz, Siemens

Peter Panholzer, Siemens

Stuart Schwartz, Symantec

Arjuna Shunn, Microsoft

Roberto Suárez, Siemens

Bryan Sullivan, Microsoft

Izar Tarandach, EMC

Janean Timber, Intel

Ryan Ware, Intel 

We’d like to thank them for sharing their knowledge and experience, joining many conference calls, participating in early mornings and late nights of editing, and never ignoring the many, many emails shared among members during the process.

Thank you as well to SAFECode members Adobe and Intel for donating the material that formed the basis of our new course offerings.

And finally, we’d like to extend a special thank you to Frances Paulisch of Siemens, the SAFECode Board of Directors member who led our training development team throughout the project.

Thanks everyone!  And I promise, I will wait at least a week before emailing you to ask you to start work on the next round of course development:)